Email & Exchange

Departmental Mail Addresses

Departmental Mail Accounts
are used to receive and send ‘departmental’ mail from areas outside of the department (such as for Webmasters or for inquiries from prospective students). These addresses might be published on Web sites or in other publications.

Two Types:

True Exchange Accounts - will create an Exchange Mailbox; requires a departmental NID alias pointing to the Exchange account.
Use this type when you want mail sent out under this account identity.

Aliases for People Mailboxes
- no Exchange mailbox created but will need a Distribution Group set up with one or more person's Exchange account listed. Mail sent out will be under the individual's identity, not a departmental identity. OU Admins will be able to create these distribution groups. The departmental NID alias will forward to this distribution group.

Automated Replies.

For those departmental accounts that exist in Exchange where the desire is to issue an automatic ‘canned’ response to all mail (such as ‘We have received your inquiry – you will be contacted shortly’). This is done using rules in Outlook if the account is a true Exchange account.


Outlook only supports one main Exchange account per profile. To access a departmental mailbox requires:

  1. Using a separate profile for the departmental account if you wish to use Outlook (or a separate identity if you wish to use Entourage) – will involve exiting Outlook and signing on to other profile to check mail.
  2. Setting up the individuals as a delegate to the departmental account (and sharing the Sent Items folder as well).
  3. Another way to see multiple accounts is to access the departmental accounts with IMAP protocol under Outlook (or Entourage). Multiple IMAP accounts can be opened per profile.
  4. Alternatively, access to the departmental accounts could be done with Outlook Web Access - multiple OWA sessions can be opened at the same time.
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