Email & Exchange

Special Accounts and Mailbox Request

Use this form to request special accounts and mailboxes on the WSU central Exchange service.

Names for these Special Accounts REQUIRES the use of a period: i.e. or Best practice is to limit TOTAL characters in the name (including the periods) to 16. This prevents the account name from being truncated for log-in use.

Available accounts fall into five categories:

  1. Schedulable Resource Accounts for Calendar mailboxes for Resources (for equipment that you want to allow to be reserved).
    Use: Schedulable Resource Accounts

  2. Schedulable Location Accounts for Calendar mailboxes for Locations (for meeting room locations that you want to allow to be reserved).
    Use: Schedulable Location Accounts

  3. Front Desk Accounts are no longer being issued. Departmental Accounts (see below) will now be issued in support of Reception or Front Desk staff who require authentication to view and/or schedule appointments for departmental staff.

  4. Departmental Mail Accounts to receive and send ‘departmental’ mail from areas outside of the department (such as for Webmasters or for inquiries from prospective students). These addresses might be published on Web sites or in other publications.
    Use: Departmental Mail Accounts

  5. Departmental Alias Accounts to receive 'departmental' mail and transfer to an individual Exchange account and/or (more typically) an Exchange Distribution Group (such as '' forwarding mail to '' where 'ITS.DSS.SAdesk' is a distribution group). These addresses also might be published on Web sites or in other publications. Alias accounts cannot be created until after the distribution group has been created.
    Use: Departmental Alias Accounts

Naming Convention for Departmental Alias Accounts.

Naming New Departmental NID's

Prefer dept.familarname (with period between words): e.g. forestry.helpdesk

Name of NID wil be same as name of Actual Account -or- Distribution Group alias.

Tech Talk about the 16 character Limit
Accounts with names longer than 16 characters are truncated for the Account Name value in Active Directory and most users prefer to avoid this. For example, a departmental account named IS.ITS.SIS.laptop.HP would be truncated to IS.ITS.SI!M5688. While the actual value remains IS.ITS.SIS.laptop.HP, users must type the truncated version to authenticate inb some situations (i.e. Outlook Web Access).

More information on creating Departmental Mail Addresses

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