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Self-Service Exchange Account Setup Troubleshooting

More than 90% of the people who use the self-service account setup process have it run to completion without problems. Certain situations arise, however, which may require manual intervention by systems staff to either allow the process to be re-run, or to set the account up manually. In addition, in some cases the account is set up correctly, but some additional work on the part of the departmental systems support people may be needed to clean up accounts.

Errors encountered during the self-service account setup may include:

  1. Account already exists on one of the WSU Exchange Servers
  2. Person is already in one of the WSU Exchange Servers as a Contact or Mail-Enabled account
  3. Network ID or Active Directory Account may not yet be created for new employees or new Graduate and Professional students
  4. Person is not set up as an Employee or enrolled Student
  5. AD Account has attributes that must be cleared before Setup can run
  6. Problem with one of the other processes that is invokes fails after setup but before end of the invoking process.

The main thing to check is to see if the process got to the point of creating an Exchange mailbox for the account being set up. One way to test this is to try Outlook Web Access: and sign on with your userid (where 'userid' is the person's Network ID) and password.

If you can successfully signon, the setup process got as far as creating the account. At that point, the things to check are:

  1. Is the NID email forwarding set to be ''
  2. Are all the UNIX accounts set with a .forward file containing
  3. Is there any residual mail in the UNIX Inbox that should be resent to the Exchange account

Once these are all set correctly, the user is ready to start using Exchange for mail.

In other cases where the mailbox was not set up, please contact CougTech with a message containing what happened, account ID, phone number of contact person. The problem will be investigated and you will be contacted to re-try the process.

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