Network ID

Identity Management

Create/Manage Network IDs

  • Create Network ID - Faculty/Staff/Alumni
    • WSU faculty, staff needing a Network ID (NID). If you have been assigned a WSU ID number (employeeID), you can set up your NID. You will need to use your birthdate and last four digits of your SSN. If your WSU ID number is not NID eligible you will need to contact your hiring department.
  • Create Network ID - Students are required to create their Network ID using the TANK process
    • WSU students and applicants for admission access services using a Network ID (NID).
  • Create Friend ID - Parents and other Third Parties create their Friend ID's using the TANK process
    • Individuals who are not students (parents, visiting guests, etc.) who are not eligible for a NID may access limited services, including electronic payments, by creating a Friend ID.
  • TANK Tutorial

    Creating your NID or FID is a four (4) step process:
    1. You get the invite to create your NID/FID, and are given a TANK to use to begin the process. (Leave this webpage you will need it for step 3.)
    2. Once you have input your will send you a PIN (6 digit number) to your personal email.
    3. Retrieve the PIN from your personal email and input it back into the open webpage from step 1, Once this is done, you should be on your way to creating your Network ID...which will be some form of your first name, a dot, and your last name. In the case that you are creating a Friend ID your FID will be your personal email address.
    4. The process to finalize your WSU Network ID or Friend ID is completed when you create a strong password and a secret question.
  • Sponsor Friend ID
    • Sponsor a FID for wireless access (visiting scholars, vendors, etc)

Manage Your Network ID Password

  • Reset Network Password
  • Name Change Form
    • Did you have a recent name change? If so, you will need to fill out the Name Change form to update your information in MyWSU. Once this has been fully processed, you can contact CougTech and update your Network ID and email address.

Request Guest Wireless account

  • In order for a visitor to get a Guest Wireless account, you will need to contact the CUB Front Desk at 509-335-8426.

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