Setup instructions for Windows and Mac Operating Systems to connect to the WSU Wireless.

WSU Guest Wireless

For temporary wireless access, you can contact the Compton Union Building (CUB) Information Desk to request a temporary Guest Wireless login and password.

The CUB Information Desk is located on the first floor of the CUB, and their phone number is (509) 335-8426.


SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network) is the next generation of VPN service, available primarily for WSU staff and faculty members. SSL VPN operates much like traditional VPN, but adds additional connectivity and compatibility, utilizing the same encryption technology used by financial institutions and e-commerce web sites to protect sensitive information. SSL VPN transmits data through an encrypted tunnel to a VPN concentrator, giving the appearance that the user is on the local network, regardless of the user's actual location.

Static IP Request

To request a static IP address, please fill out the following form and submit it.

DNS Request

To request a new DNS Alias or to change or delete an existing DNS alias, please fill out the form and submit it.
Information Technology Services, PO Box 641222, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-1222, 509-335-4357, Contact Us