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About Mailman
Mailman is the Web-based mail list manager used at Washington State University. It allows list owners to create and modify lists easily as well as add and remove subscribers without having to know specific commands. List subscribers can easily modify their list subscriptions and preferences.
Be sure to review the Mailman Owner and Usage Policy.
To request a new list: Mailman List Request Form.
Using Mailman Lists
No matter whether you are a list owner, moderator, or subscriber, if you are new to Mailman lists, start your reading at the Getting started with Mailman page.
Subscriber Information
Learn how you can go to a list's information page to subscribe, unsubscribe, or edit your subscription options in our Mailman Subscribers document. There you can review general guidelines about posting messages to lists and information for accessing list archives.
List Owner and Moderator Information
In the Mailman Owners and Moderators pages, you will find information about policies on who can own lists, how to request that a list be created, general guidelines for owners, how to update list membership, how to change your list's configuration, and more.
Public Lists at WSU
You can find a list of public Mailman lists on the WSU’s Mailman server. Please note that many departments on campus may have their own servers and their lists will not be listed here. Some list owners choose to keep their Mailman list private, so those lists are not posted here either.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Mailman
Answers to common questions are availible in the Mailman (FAQ).
External Links
Mailman Homepage
Wikipedia:GNU Mailman
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