Email Lists

Mailman Owners and Moderators

Mailman Owner and Usage Policy

Who can establish a list? What it can be used for? Our Mailman Owner and Usage Policy reveals WSU's policies.

Creating or Deleting a Mailman List

Lists are not created or deleted automatically, but are processed by IT Services staff. You can read the tutorials Requesting a Mailman List and Deleting a Mailman List for more information and the online forms.

Resetting List Owner Password

Can’t remember your list password? Read about Resetting your Mailman List Owner Password in our tutorials.

Guide for New Mailman List Owners

New lists give the creator plenty of power for configuration. Our tutorial Getting Started with a Mailman List will introduce you to Mailman's features.

Distinguishing Mailman List Owners From Moderators

Roles and access privileges

Maintaining a Mailman List

Details on list access, managing, problems, including:

  • Accessing your list administration screen
  • Changing maximum message size
  • Managing private and moderated lists
  • Handling bounce error messages
  • Getting a list of your subscribers
  • Adding and deleting subscribers
  • Dealing with problem subscribers
  • Adding or deleting list owners
  • Deleting your list

are covered in the tutorial Maintaining a Mailman List.

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