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Missing Email?

If you are a student and it seems that you are no longer getting email, your account may have had its incoming mail hi-jacked as a result of the recent phishing emails.

Missing email... is one of the signs that you have bitten on one of the many recent phishing emails that have been circulating around WSU.  The end result is your mail is no longer being delivered to your address. 

What is actually happening is your email is being hi-jacked, and the mail is sent to an email account of which the phisher has control.  The solution is to delete the forward in your email account which has been placed there by the hijacker. 


Student Account

Login to -> 

Click on >> Email Icon>> Gear Icon in upper right hand corner>>Options>>Forwarding ( on left hand column).  1-Delete any unknown address in the forward field.  2-Select "Stop forwarding"   3- "Save" the new settings.

Additionally, while you are in your account mail options...check two additional settings. 

Block or allow- Make sure under allow...that some strange address is not allowing itself to send to you.  If there is a strange address-delete the address.

Inbox and sweep rules - Make sure there are no rules that you have not created.



Whenever your account or network ID has been compromised… Please go to to reset your password.
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