Password Reset

WSU Network passwords and FriendID (FID) are changed online at Follow the steps below to change your Network ID password: (Note that you must complete the entire process before your session expires)

Open any browser and navigate to

Select Log In


Enter your Network ID (NID) and password in the appropriate boxes

Put the answer to the math question in the boxThree

If you are an employee, you must correctly choose the answer to each of these two questions.

Select the down arrow at the end of each question to display your choicesThree

Select the correct choice for each question and Press ContinueFive

You must enter an answer for each of the 3 security questions that you select. Select each of your questions with the pull down arrows.

Enter an answer that you can remember to each question (pay attention to any Capitalization or Punctuation that you decide to use).


The password retrieval page information will be used in the future if you forget your password and need to reset it. You will need access to your mobile phone and/or a non-WSU email account at this screen. You may choose to register just a cell phone or email address, however it is recommended that you enter both. Press Continue once you have registered at least one password retrieval option.Seven

Enter you current password

The Password Strength meter will help you setup a strong password

Enter your new password. As you enter it, the requirements on the right will turn green as they are met. You must meet 3 of the first 4 and the 5th requirement.

Enter your new password again in the Confirm password box. If the passwords in both boxes match, the final requirement will turn green.

If you cannot think of a good password, the system will generate one for you by pressing the Generate button. You can regenerate passwords as desired. Once a satisfactory password is generated, press Use to automatically populate the required fields.

Press Continue

At this point, you have successfully changed your network password.

If you have difficulty with this process, please contact Cougtech at 509-335-4357 for assistance.

Information Technology Services, PO Box 641222, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-1222, 509-335-4357, Contact Us